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The ATCBearing Industrial Group started its activities in the field of import and distribution in 2002 with the management of Mr. Gholamreza Aghazadeh.
This industrial group is the property of the ATCBearing brands, which have quality approvals from Germany and the United Kingdom, and the standard for the ISO / TS 1649 brand of high tech creation.
In today's conditions, the production of all kinds of bearings with famous American, European and Japanese brands will cost a lot to the dear consumers, as well as the fraud category in these brands and the problems that are caused by the vendor partners.
The BEARING ATC group of companies has taken the lead in developing the brand's brand through the exchange of knowledge with the factories and suppliers of bearings for new and old-fashioned trucks, an important step towards improving the quality of its products.
This industrial group is proud to present it to consumers in our products, such as consumer alloys and design systems, based on American Standard ASTM, and after analyzing and verifying the SGS inspection company to our beloved country, it is a positive step towards the realization of our aspirations. The same lower cost quality is superior and offers products that are competitive with the world's top brands and with a 50,000-mile replacement warranty.


this brand covers in all kind of bearing like:

automotives,industrial, Agricultural

these productions have a better Quality  all above the similar products.

and we 're glad to tell you it has less price than the similar goods.

the HTC products haven't the quality of ATC products but it has a reasonable quality

cause our Organizational thinking is a give products in lowest price and best quality.


this brand works on field of all kind of heavy and regular cars. and we earn  the ISO 9001 from royal cert of Germany  and ISO/TS66949 of England that is special standards of  Auto Parts.

and also it has a standard mark in iran and Confirmation from SGS company.

it also has 6 month to 1 year guarantee for all kind of productions.